Support the QCES Foundation

The Quincy Catholic Elementary Schools Foundaiton enhances the gift of Catholic education. We envision a community in which Catholic education thrives and creates a positive impact. Our primary focus is tuition assistance. The foundation supports an average of 60 families each year through the donor-supported tuition assistance program and has provided nearly $1.2 million over the last 12 years. This program is only possible due to the generosity of our community through annual gifts, the establishment of annual and endowed scholarships, and special fundraising events such as the Everybody Wins Mega Raffle. 

The future strength of Quincy's Catholic schools lies in the dedication and generosity of today's donors. From an immediate cash donation to multiple planned giving options that provide the donor with financial benefts, we appreciate your interest in supporting the foundation and our efforts. 

When choosing how to give, we encourage you to consider your charitable goals and the potential financial benefits, talk with your professional advisor to help guide you, and contact us for additional information.

Ways to Support the QCES Foundation's Mission

Cash or Check

Please make checks payable to the Quincy Catholic Elementary Schools Foundation, 1721 College Avenue, Quincy, IL 62301

Online Gifts

For your convenience, donations may be made online using the two services below. Recurring monthly gifts can be established through PayPal.




Memorials and Tribute Gifts

You can make contributions in tribute to a relative or friend for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions, or as memorials to honor a relative or friend who has passed away.

Donations to Endowed Funds

Donors may establish an endowed scholarship in their name or make donations to any of our existing funds.

We have 17 endowed scholarships (found here) as well as a general scholarship endowment which support tuition assistance. We also have a general endowment fund which supports operations. 

Bonds, Funds, Stocks, and IRA Rollover

Donating appreciated securities, including stocks, bonds or mutual funds, is an easy and tax-effective way for you to make a gift to the QCES Foundation. You avoid paying capital gains tax on the sale of appreciated stock/bond and you receive a charitable income tax deduction on the fair market of the stock/bond.

Qualified Charitable Distribution

A QCD is a direct transfer of funds from your IRA custodian, payable to a qualified charity. QCDs can be counted toward satisfying your required minimum distributions (RMDs) for the year, as long as certain rules are met. In addition to the benefits of giving to charity, a QCD excludes the amount donated from taxable income.

Donor Advised Fund

A donor-advised fund, or DAF, is like a charitable investment account for the sole purpose of supporting charitable organizations you care about. When you contribute cash, securities or other assets to a donor-advised fund at a public charity, you are generally eligible to take an immediate tax deduction.

Planned Gift

Make the QCES Foundation part of your long-term philanthropic plans by arranging a planned gift.

If you have already included the QCES Foundation in your will, please reach out and let us know.