Leadership Team Follow-up

Thank you for your continued participation in the discussion of the future of our Catholic Schools. It has been uplifting to hear and read the passion you have for our faith, our schools, our educators, and our children. 

As stated in previous communication, we will continue to share additional information about our research and findings. At the link below, you will find a document that outlines community and enrollment data, links to other school systems and studies we reviewed, and a list of frequently asked questions we received. We have also included the proposed governance and administrative structure as well as a timeline for implementation. We invite you to review this information and share your thoughts using the email address listed below. 

We thank you for walking alongside us and the Leadership Team through this process as we envision what we can do to strengthen and sustain Catholic education in our community.

To view the data and research packet, please click here.

To provide feedback, please email us at


Fr. Tom Meyer

Fr. Tom Donovan

Fr. Steven Arisman

Fr. Leo Enlow

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Leadership Team Follow-up