Giving Thanks for Your Children

At Quincy Catholic Elementary Schools, we pride ourselves on making sure each student feels that they are a valuable and unique part of our broader school community. The QCES commitment to educating your child goes far beyond the academic curriculum. Our teachers and staff members go the extra mile to ensure that students understand how much we care about their learning, development, spirituality, and socialization. A child who understands and truly believes that they matter is a child that can sense we are grateful for their presence and contribution to the QCES community. During the season of giving thanks, take a moment (or several) to consider how to demonstrate to your child how grateful you are to have them as a member of your family and a part of your life, reinforcing the same sense we strive to instill during the school day.

Learn how to make a quality Catholic school education accessible to your elementary school students in Quincy.

Demonstrating Gratefulness

Though you’d be hard-pressed to find a parent who would assume their child doesn’t understand that they are valued, the confusion of the modern political and academic landscape has created challenges for children, tweens, and teens that are exclusive to their generation. By following a few simple suggestions, you can foster a sense of feeling supported in your child that will drive home how singularly grateful you are to have them in your life, family, and community.

First, and probably most importantly, be an attentive parent and an active listener. Even busy parents can carve out a few minutes every day to solely focus on each child. Provide a listening ear and potential remedies to any confusion they might have or any challenges that are occurring in their daily life, whether they take place during the school day, in the schoolyard, or at the home. Share one on one time with your child. Develop special routines that are unique to your relationship, but also provide occasional deviations from routines just for fun.

It Isn’t All About Indulgence

Kids wouldn’t be kids if they weren’t constantly testing limits and boundaries. There is just as much value in being taught what is not appropriate as there is for being praised when doing well. Children thrive on healthy boundaries, and even negative consequences have a psychological benefit that helps them to understand that we are thankful to have them in our lives. As such, parents should make an extra effort to correct negative behaviors. This is also where the personality of your child matters, as some children do better with extra independence while others benefit from stricter rules and more clearly defined expectations and consequences.

The best way to teach a child about respect is to model respect for them. Though it’s inappropriate and harmful for elementary school students in Quincy to feel “on the level” of their parents and elders, striking the right balance of dignity and respect for their individuality reinforces the notion of two-way respect and a healthy parent-child relationship.

Give Thanks Every Day

We are also grateful for all the wonderful parents and community members who help to shape the experience of every Quincy Catholic Elementary School student. We are proud to show our gratefulness to the parents who have entrusted us with their children by instilling a commitment to excellence, respect for community, and a guiding spirituality for every student that walks through the doors at any of our locations. Whether you’re already a member of our QCES community, or you are considering joining our tradition of guiding Quincy youth to a bright future, Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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Giving Thanks for Your Children