Getting Ready to Return to School

It has been a long couple of years for Illinois students and their parents. As COVID numbers decline, it is time to return to normal, yet the world is still full of fear and uncertainty. Many students have not been in school in a year and a half and those that did return to in-person education last year did so in very different circumstances than they were used to. Back-to-school planning for the 2021-2022 school year will therefore look a lot different as families will have to address schedules, mental health, and more.

Enroll your child in a Catholic elementary school in Quincy for this school year.

Is it safe to send kids back to school?

The main concern many parents, teachers, and students have is safety and health. While it is natural to be nervous following such a widespread pandemic, Quincy Catholic Elementary Schools is a community that prioritizes safety for students, staff, and visitors. The state of Illinois will be following the CDC guidelines for school reopening which include recommendations for vaccinations, masking, and social distancing. Explain these guidelines to your children and practice making these changes part of your daily routine. Smaller children who are not able to be vaccinated may need a little extra help with proper handwashing habits and wearing masks. Though parents are likely anxious about their children’s health, it is important to be firm yet hopeful so as not to scare students. Teachers and additional staff members will be on hand in private schools in Quincy to ensure that all students are supported in living their healthiest lives in and out of the classroom.

Transitioning Back to School

Making the shift from summer vacation to a school schedule is always tricky. With extended absences and unconventional school schedules last year, the 2021-2022 school year will be a bit more complicated than in years past. However, the best strategy will remain the same as it has been previously, and that is to allow your children to adjust as slowly as possible. If staying up late and sleeping in are summer traditions in your home, start changing your schedule now. Make bedtime a bit earlier every few days and begin getting up sooner. Make a point to implement regular mealtimes in anticipation of school lunch and family dinners.

First Day Anxiety

Back to school this year will mean the first time in an elementary school classroom for more students than ever before. If your child will be new to Quincy Catholic Schools, they may miss their old friends. Even if your student will be returning to the same school, it has been a while and they may be anxious to meet new teachers or be away from parents and other caregivers for long periods of time. If your child is nervous, the best thing you can do is listen to their concerns and problem solve collaboratively. Plan a visit to their new school and classroom if possible. See if it is possible to meet the teacher or arrange playdates with classmates so they will be familiar friends before school begins. Roleplay likely scenarios they may encounter and create a plan such as alerting a teacher or calling home.

Find A Supportive School Community

As a parent, you want to support your child’s academic and emotional health, but you cannot be everywhere. Give your child the gift of an extended family that looks out for them in your absence. Contact Quincy Catholic Elementary Schools today to learn more.

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Getting Ready to Return to School